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Join our fitness sessions live in the moment (virtually, or in the park). 

Or watch them later, in your own time

Either way, your first seven days are totally free.

Just the  tip...

Just to see how it feels. 

Here's a video from my kitchen.

Yea, well... #covid innit?

Check out this sample thigh set on YouTube and see what that burn is all about. Then check out our plans and pricing page to book yo' backside in for a full class. Or maybe an unlimited LIVESTREAM membership. Or what the heck... OWN EVERYTHING with a full-blown LIVE and ON-DEMAND Membership.

Greedy aintcha? I see you. 


And I totally get you.

I'll meet you #atthebarre.


Listen live in class ("one, two, three, PLAY") or vibe in your own time. Here are the current playlists for BARRE and BEND.

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