Our Employee Assistance Programmes give your teams EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a company-branded web channel.​

On which, we bring them twice-weekly fitness classes, streamed live at lunchtime

AND stored on your channel for on-demand viewing.

Plus monthly workshops to improve their physical, mental and professional



Here's how it works:



Choose two weekly fitness classes, LIVE-STREAMED at lunchtime, from a menu 

of options including:






and bodyweight

strength training.


* home bikes/gym memberships required



Choose, one monthly workshop or speaker to enhance the wellbeing of your team.


Hear from leading experts on a variety of subjects, from guided meditations, to stress management, to nutrition and cookery, and more.  



Brand your "channel" within our site, from which your team has access to all livestream and on-demand sessions for the duration of our relationship; allowing you to support your teams

wherever they are, 

whenever they need it.

Our monthly incentive workshop options include:

Nutrition and Cookery

Be it learning to make fresh Mexican snacks, how to manage weight through proper nutrition, or how to get your children (and you) to eat veggies...


We will customise our proposed monthly Nutrition Workshops to your workforce.

Mental Health

Guided meditation, stress management, maintaining a "healthy" relationship to technology, or achieveing Flow State (and what even Is "Flow State"). And many more.


 Our mental health workshops are taught by industry-leading experts with real-world experience of working in corporate environments. We"get" your teams, because we ARE your teams. (Or we were once.)

Skills Development

Always wanted to know how to properly brand a business?

Interested in learning the basics of great leadership? Want to improve presentation skills or learn how to give a presentation that will keep your audience engaged?

Our workshops are delivered by CMOs, Presidents, and Chairpersons. They are inspirational, for sure, but more importantly - informative.

We can also provide promotional and logistical communications materials for your team, and will ensure access/passwords are communicated

before launching your EAP.

For more information on EAP options,
or for a quote for your custom wellness package, contact us.
"Good health IS good business.”
Paul Drechsler, Chairman/CEO, Wates Group Limited

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