Fresh Orange Juice

" I was about to order a juice cleanse until I looked at the ingredients. I was like, WTF? This is bullsh*t."

                                  - Nesse


and Thank You.

Whether a longtime #barrebitch or a first-time wellness warrior (or just cuz your mate told you to check out this cleanse), I want to personally thank you for giving my little programme a go. I designed this for MYSELF and still use it every day. 

And don't forget - if you'd rather not trudge through all of this yourself, I run a kick-off session every two weeks via Zoom. Check our timetable (button below) for the next session and join us!


First, we must solve the calorie mystery. Yes, sorry, kittens... calorie counting is a necessary evil. How many calories should you be consuming each day to maintain your current weight and/or to lose some (if that's your goal). And to figure that out, first you need to know how many calories you need to just stay alive, or your BMR (basal metabolic rate). This is how many calories your body needs to carry out basic stuff like breathing, digestion, etc. This tool should help you get an idea of what that might be. 


For example, when I enter my details - H: 5'7", W: 128lbs, A: 42 (you can switch it to metric at the top, if you prefer), it tells me I need at least 1300 calories each day, just to stay alive.