Pasta with Pesto

Cleanses are bullsh*t.

So this isn't one.

I have called this programme many things. I've called it a 'non-cleanse', a 'nutritional reset', a 'get back in my jeans' strategy, and just a 'plan to stop being a lazy b*tch and start looking after yourself' plan. 

Whatever you call it, this isn't a 'buy-a-bunch-of-stuff-and-you're-on-your-own' programme. This is my personal programme - designed by me, for myself (and my partner, who also follows the programme), re-packaged to be shared with you. It's the way that I personally eat, train, and manage my weight, but it is fully customisable, easy-to-follow, with help and accountability baked right in (so to speak).

To be clear - I have designed this programme for weight-loss, but it is SUPER flexible. So if you're not looking to drop any weight (go on with your beautiful curves, gurrrl), just bumpup the calories. You can add extra snacks, dip crusty break into your homemade soups, and add extra yumminess to your smoothies (helloooo avocado!) if you want to; it's all entirely about what your body needs, and about learning to to reframe your relationship with food and with your body. 

With this programme, you will get:

- tools to help you determine your ideal caloric intake depending on your goals, and a simple calorie tracker to help keep your consumption and expenditure at the right levels

- links to my FAVOURITE healthy, yummy, and not-too-scary-to-make recipes (and even a few of my own),

weekly shopping lists, based on recomincluding shopping lists,

- access to the entire BGFitCo on-demand library of classes where - whether you like it fast and hard or slow and smooth, we've got you covered (wink AND nudge),

- a comprehensive exercise-to-calorie resource, so you can be sure that you're always fuelling your activity levels,

- weekly PERSONAL check-ins with me (via Zoom), to ask any questions/share any learnings/keep you accountable throughout the process

- Access to a Private Facebook Group for #badgirls only, where you can share tips, and recipes, favourite workouts, etc.

Select '(NON) Cleanse Me' from the Plans and Pricing page

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