The Birth

of a Bad Girl

The story of Nesse and how BGFitness 

came to Be (Gee).

BGFitness was founded by Hillary (Nesse) Cannon — plant-powered nutritionist, author, speaker, communications consultant, and all-round wellness warrior. Nesse is a four-time survivor of an ugly disease, former professional salsa dancer, part-time politics junkie, and full-time eye-roller. 


When a series of personal catastrophies collided at once and Nesse's days darkened, she took solace in her beloved barre classes. The studio became her sanctuary and her students her saviours (just... without all the religious stuff). 


The experience led her to investigate the benefits of exercise on mental health, and the science behind "flow" state; eventually leading to the creation of her own brand of fitness — the irreverent, playful, intensely enjoyable variety that literally saved her life. She also speaks on the subject of achieving "Flow", and gives workshops on vegan and vegetarian nutrition for weight loss, disease prevention, and... you guessed it... mental health.


Nesse also offers virtual and in-person fitness classes and workshops on nutrition and mental health to businesses individuals and businesses around the UK and Europe. 

Offensive playlist optional. Inappropriate jokes not.

Anna 'the Abs' Kosciuk

She's so hot it's actually infuriating.

This little motyiku (butterfly in Polish) is, simply put, a ball of beautiful energy.She's a Sports Scientist (MSc) who specialises in movement biomechanics and has focused much of her (daytime) work on female susceptibility to sport injuries (and how to get them back on their feet. She also has a BSc in nutrition and is passionate about healthy eating alongside her active lifestyle.

Anna's boundless energy and bubbly character make for a hilarious and delightful ride on the #bgbarre #paintrain, and has even led her to the big stage; having trained as an opera singer. (Talented bish.)

You can come and sweat with Anna during regular BGBOUNCE sessions every Sunday.


Georgia 'The Ballerina' Brown

Ballerina girl... 

Just watch Georgia move and you'll get it.

This Royal Dance Academy grad marries tremendous strength with unending grace, and then tops it all of with a self-deprecating humour that makes her as endearing as she is #badass.

Look for Georgia in her regular BGBOUNCE slot on Wednesday mornings, and covering the odd BGBARRE class . 

Georgia's sweet smile, occasional exasperated swear word, and irritatingly fantastic legs will keep you coming back for more and more of that English rose-y burrrrrrrn. (Baby.)

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